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35 years


Oscar, Gema, and their children Amanda and Jonas are grateful for the confidence and trust that they've received during the last 35 years they have been engaged in organic farming.


A holistic approach to agricultural production, which respects nature at every point in the process and helps create and maintain healthy soil. Above all we are farmers and we believe in family-scale production, based on quality and transparency in a way that allows for product to producer identification and product traceability. At the same time we consider social responsibility as fundamental, thus basing our relationship with our workers on an ethical and person-centred approach. It would be contradictory for us to produce organically without ethical and decent working conditions.


Frutas Oscar Morell S.L was founded in 1984 by Oscar Morell and Gema Margos with the principle aim of the cultivation and sale of high quality organic fruit, primarily oranges and grapes. More than 35 years later, production continues, and we still hold firm to our ideal of growing in harmony with nature. We are based in the countryside outside Cheste, 25 kilometres from Valencia, on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, an area of high quality cultivation of both Citrus and Vineyards, yielding a unique flavour in both cases.

From the outset, having inherited the land from our ancestors, we’ve always been certain of the principles of biodiversity and of respect for the natural cycles of cultivation. For this reason we have distanced ourselves from the aggressive and unsustainable production methodologies which focus solely on efficiency above all. This position has been re-affirmed in reaction to the arrival in the 1980’s of chemical-based pesticides and fertilisers, which, for us, epitomise the aforementioned practices that we so very much disagree with.

Our philosophy is simple: quality first. In the same way, we sell only our very own products. Our motto of “our own harvest” has been fundamental in developing trustworthy business relationships with our clients during the years.

Our methods are the fruit of more than a quarter century experience, and inherit from the established approaches of organic production. The result: our high quality fresh oranges and grapes, which are exported primarily to France, Germany, and Austria. In 1986 we were certified with the Asociación Vida Sana (The Healthy Life Association) and since 1994 our fruit produce has been certified by CAE-CV (The Spanish Committee of Organic Agriculture).


Top quality organic fruit.

Accurate traceability: we grow, process and sell our own fruit.

Trustworthy business relationships often spanning more than 30 years.

True engagement with the envinonment. We are deeply convinced of this value.

Highest commitment to maintaining excellent working conditons, both in the fields and in the warehouse.

Local partnerships in our rural area.

Calle Chiva 61
46380 Cheste (VALENCIA)
MOBILE PHONE: 00 34 656 90 45 50
LANDLINE & FAX: 00 34 96 251 25 55