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We do not treat our oranges with any maturing agents, nor do we wax the skin to make them shiny, as is often done by conventional exporters. Our oranges have all the flavour of mature oranges straight from the tree.
Amongst the varieties that we cultivate, two of the Valencia region’s most typical can be found: “Navelina”, which we grow during the first half of the season, and “Navel” during the latter. As well as, towards the end of the season we have “Lane Late” oranges. We offer just as many table oranges as juicing oranges, but our speciality is those of the table variety.

Navelina Oranges:

From early November to late Decembre.This variety of oranges can be used both for eating and for juicing. They are of a more oval shape than Navel oranges, and the pulp is very sweet, and does not contain seeds. They also contain a high quantity of juice. They have a thin skin of an intense orange colour. They mature quickly and therefore are harvested before the Navel variety. Navel.

Navel / Washington Navel Oranges:

From December to February. Usually large in size, Navel oranges are more circular in shape. The pulp is sweet and seedless as well. This variety is harvested later than Navelinas.

Lane Late Oranges:

From the end of January to the end of February. Theses oranges have just the right level of acidity. They are very juicy, have a very thin skin, and are seedless. This is one of the most high quality varieties. One of their principle qualities is the low level of Limonin in their juice, which means that they are free of the more sour flavour of the Navel variety. Lane Late are harvested later than our other varieties.

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